Euroliner & Curtainsider Transportation

Specialised Euro liner haulage:

Our specialist designed Euroliner trailers have been tailored made for all types of industry. These trailers have all the usual properties of a curtain side trailer, however they incorporate a specially designed sliding roof. All of our Euroliner trailers are fitted with coil-wells, this allows us to move steel coils or abnormal shaped goods in a dry clean environment.

Where can we utilize the features of this trailer?

- Crane offloads in restricted areas where forklifts wouldn’t have the room to operate

- Load rated curtains

- Goods are fully waterproof once covered

- Curtains remove the risk of worker falling

Curtainsider Haulage:

We also operate a nationwide operation fleet of curtainside trailers, in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Our aim is to move your goods as safely and swiftly as possible, which potentially have significant cost savings.

Our high and double deck trailers are perfect for carrying general goods from a selection of different sectors.

-A capacity of 52 euro pallet limit on double deck trailers

-A capacity of 26 euro pallet limit on curtain side trailers