Abnormal Transportation

We have a growing fleet of specialised trailers to move abnormal loads, operated by a highly skilled team, that are qualified to move your goods as safely as possible. We are capable to register ESDAL specialist loads with escort vehicles and for jobs needing a second man.

We have added trombone, extendable trailers to our fleet. These specifically designed trailers, allow us to carry diverse loads up to 70ft long.

-Payload of 27 tonne

-Posts and sockets for extra load safety

-Beacons and marker boards

-30FT flat trailer, allows us to move tools and machinery with a larger weight without going over the gross 44tonne limit includes:

-Additional payload

-Specialized for one lump movements such as press tools, dies and fabrications

- Shorter length allowing it to access urban environments

- Ratchet straps, chains, sheets, beacons, timbers and marker boards to secure the load

-Twist locks for container transportation

-Posts and sockets for extra load safety